What will I learn?

You will learn Fudoshin Jujitsu and the use of Traditional oriental weapons.

Learn self defence

You will learn to defend yourself against a wide variety of both armed and unarmed attacks, against both single and multiple attackers.  You will also learn how to help other people who are being attacked e.g strangled.

Collage showing self defence techniques of jujitus. Top left helpig someone being strangled on the floor,top middle escaping being grabbed by two attackers, top right defending against someone siting astride you with a knife, bottom left knife point against throat, right middle - knife thrust to stomach, bottom right - defending a downwards hammer fist strike.
Learn self defence against armed attacks, unarmed attacks and multiple attcakers.

Learn a complete martial arts system

Fudoshin Jujitsu is a complete combat system which incorporates strikes, locks, grappling, throws, escapes, restraints and ground fighting to overcome an aggressor. The techniques taught are practical and effective.

A compilation picture showing jujitsu techniques including striking, grappling, throwing and joint locks.
Jujitsu is a varied martial art.

Learn how to use traditional oriental weapons

For older children and adults as part of your development you will be taught the use of traditional oriental weapons. By understanding how the weapon is used you gain a greater insight into defending against them.

Composite picture: left image showing kenjutsu (sword), with the practitioner demonstrating a downwards strike. The right picture shows jojutsu, a 4ft stick being used to defend against an attack woth a tanto (knife)
Learn how to use 12 different weapons and how to defend against different weapons.

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