Atemi (Striking)

A punch should stay like a treasure in the sleeve. It should not be used indiscrimately.”

Chotoku Kyan (pioneer of Shorin-ryu Karate)

Atemi Renroku Waza (striking combinations)

Striking Combinations Mauve to Black

15 combinations are required for black belt. They’re built up sequentially through the Kyu grade syllabus.

For the Dan grades the number of combinations becomes infinite.

List of Atemi Combinations

Atemi Renroku Fusegi Waza (striking defences)

Some of the Striking Defence Combinations

15 Striking defences are required for black belt from the following attacks:

  • 3 from downwards strike
  • 3 from roundhouse punch
  • 3 from cross strike
  • 3 from lunging punch to face
  • 3 from lunging punch to stomach

4 Striking defences are required against the following kicks

  • 1 from ankle kick (kin geri)
  • 1 from roundhouse kick (mawashi geri)
  • 1 from back kick (ushiro geri)
  • 1 from thrusting kick (Mae geri kekkomi)

For Dan grades the number of defences becomes infinite.

List of Striking Defences

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