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UPDATE!!! May Bank Holiday's and Half-term: Monday 1st May 23 - No classes [] Monday 8th May 23 - No classes [] Monday 15th May 23 - All classes running [] Monday 22nd May 23 - All classes running [] Monday 29th May 23 No classes[] On ALL Thursdays in May classes are running including Thursday 1st June during half-term [] We train on Mondays and Thursdays - new members of any age or ability are welcome. We pride ourselves on being a non-for profit, friendly, family orientated club, run by volunteers whom just love martial arts and want to pass on their knowledge and experience. Pay as you train, there are no other fees. We think you will enjoy it! Warning!! the Fudoshin System is expansive once it's bitten, you'll be hooked!!! It's a broad Martial Art system based on traditional teachings that can be tailored and tweeked to anyones need. You never stop learning. At least we think so, but don't take our word - try for free. Joining couldn't be simpler - just book into a class using the book now tab and come along and experience it for yourself. Remember there is a 2nd session discount for those who train twice a week. Please refer to the membership pages for the prices. Please book your training session using the Book Now tab.

Begin your journey in martial arts

“Learn an ancient art evolved for a modern world.”


Welcome to Dorchester Fudoshin Jujitsu and Martial Arts.  We have been established in Dorchester since 2003 and are affiliated with the British Fudoshin Association.  We teach Fudoshin Jujitsu (also known as Jiu jitsu or Ju Jutsu), Fudoshin Kickboxing and 12 traditional oriental weapons including: katana, wakizashi, tanto (knife), yawara bo, tanjo, jo, bo, naginata (spear) nunchaku, kama, sai and tonfa.  

We benefit from the experience of a Lead Instructor with over 45 years of continuous martial arts training.

Dorchester Fudoshin Jujitsu and Martial Art is affiliated with the British Fudoshin Assoication


We run children’s and adult classes on a Monday and Thursday.  We welcome all abilities.  Come along and have a go for free! 

Child demonstrating a striking technique.  An adult defending against a knife with a jo (stick)
Children’s and adult classes are available

Jujitsu a Traditional Martial Art

Learn a traditional martial arts system which incorporates striking, grappling, throws, joint locks, escapes, restraints and ground fighting.

A compilation picture showing jujitsu techniques including striking, grappling, throwing and joint locks.
Many different elements make up Jujitsu including striking, throwing, grappling, joint locks and ground fighting.

Self defence

Jujitsu is primarily a defensive art.  Learn effective, practical self-defence skills which will stay with you for life. Learn to defend yourself against both armed and unarmed attacks.  Defend agsinst single and multiple attackers. Also learn to defend yourself with every day objects at hand using improvised weapons

Collage showing self defence techniques of jujitus.  Top left helpig someone being strangled on the floor,top middle escaping being grabbed by two attackers, top right defending against someone siting astride you with a knife, bottom left knife point against throat, right middle - knife thrust to stomach, bottom right - defending a downwards hammer fist strike.
Learn to defend yourself against armed attacks, unarmed attacks and against multiple attcakers.

Weapons training

Learn how to use one or more of the 12 traditional weapons.  Learn how to defend against these weapons if unarmed but also if armed with different weapon.

Composite picture: left image showing kenjutsu (sword), with the practitioner demonstrating a downwards strike.  The right picture shows jojutsu, a 4ft stick being used to defend against an attack woth a tanto (knife)
Learn how to use 12 different traditional Japanese weapons and how to defend against different weapons.

Be active

Training in Jujitsu will improve your general fitness.  Fitness and conditioning play an important part of each lesson, it’s excellent core conditioning and burns a lot of calories.   You don’t need to be super fit to start Jujitsu.  You will train to your physical ability.  You will notice, week on week, small improvements in your physical fitness, core strength and stamina.  But most importanlty you will be having so much fun you wont notice how hard you are working! 

Cross training

Jujitsu is excellent cross training and complements other sports such as athletics, dancing, football, rugby,  gymnastics and swimming; where bursts of power/speed are required combined with balance, coordination, timing and stamina.

Compilation picture showing children being active, having fun whilst training in jujitsu. Incuding relay races, tug of war and hop wrestling.
Be active! Have fun! Stay fit! – Jujitsu

Well-being and Mindfulness

Unwind after a hectic day.  Leave your worries behind as you step into the dojo and onto the mat, focussing on the now. Martial arts helps relieve stress and focus the mind. You will also meet new people, make new friends and share a common interest with a wide network of kindred spirits.

There is increasing evidence that the motivational nature of training in martial arts, the sense of personal reward, the focus and the camaraderie helps prevent but also combats stress, anxiety and depression. 

Put simply, martial arts fits into the biopsychosocial model of health – it will affect and benefit you physically, mentally, and socially – meeting these most basic of human needs.

Age, Injury & Gender are no Barrier

Age, injury and gender are no barrier to training in Fudoshin Jujitsu. The martial art is so diverse that it can be adapted to any individuals capability and to the level that their body mechanics can achieve. We believe the person makes the martial art, not the martial art the person. We are teaching students to grasp the art and make it their own, moulding it to work for them, rather than creating carbon copies of an instructor. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further or pop along and find out yourself.

Join us

Everyone is friendly and shares the desire to learn and have fun. There are no joining fees, no membership fees and we never charge for gradings.  Just Pay as you train.  Why not try for free!

Where to find us

We are based in Dorchestrer Judo Club, Sawmills Lane, DT1 2QX

Contact us

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