Kama Kata

Kama Kata Sho

Kama Kata Sho – old recording
  1. Yoi, bow
  2. Rising cross block, trap, scoop away to right. Hachiji dachi, (neutral)
  3. Rising strike to groin left kama
  4. Hook neck with right kama, hook and pull head down left kama (opponents left side), step forward right foot and throw using double kama. Step forward with RF as throw
  5. Rotate 180 degrees anticlockwise to rear with LH kama scooping block. End facing rear
  6. RH downwards Kama strike.
  7. Rotate 180 degrees anticlockwise to front, double cross cut. End facing front
  8. With left leg forward, drop to left knee, double descending strike.
  9. Turn 180 degrees anticlockwise, Cross strike LH Kama, round house RH Kama. End facing rear
  10. LH descending neck hook to assailants. Left side.
  11. Turn 90 degrees anticlockwise to left throwing assailant away. End facing right side
  12. Turn 180 degrees anticlockwise descending, low cross block. End facing left side.
  13. Scoop up, jump, landing on left knee, descending double kama strike.
  14. Pivoting on knee Rotate 90 degrees clockwise to front, RH rising block, LH round house strike, catching opponent and throwing to the ground. Facing front
  15. Switch knee Rotate 90 degrees clockwise to Right, double descending kama strike  End facing right side
  16. Turning 90 degrees to rear, rising cross block as stand up Facing rear
  17. Right front kick,
  18. Double round house kama strike
  19. Jumping front kick on left
  20. Turning to face front, chiburi
  21. Bow, end

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