Repeat, repeat and repeat again!

The following is a list of Kata taught under the British Fudoshin umbrella. Those additional to the 50 of the Fudoshin Martial Arts System (see below) are marked with a * and can be found within the syllabus of the individual disciplines.

  • Fudoshin Skipping Kata Sho
  • Fudoshin Skipping Kata Ni
  • Fudoshin Skipping Kata San
  • Fudoshin Skipping Kata Yon
  • Fudoshin Skipping Kata Go*
  • Fudoshin Skipping Kata Rok*
  • Dachi No Kata (stance kata)
  • Heian Shodan
  • Heian Nidan
  • Heian Sandan
  • Heian Yondan
  • Heian Godan
  • Fudoshin Tamashawara
  • Fudoshin Geri Waza
  • Fudoshin Stretch Kata Sho
  • Fudoshin Stretch Kata Ni
  • Fudoshin Roji Kata (Alleyway Kata, knife) originally Tanto Kata Sho
  • Fudoshin Hatoba Kata (Quayside Kata knife) originally Tanto Kata Ni
  • Fudoshin Tanto Yotsu No Kaze Kata (Knife four winds Kata)*
  • Fudoshin Tõge Kata (Mountain Pass Kata knife)*
  • Fudoshin Tatakai Kata (Battle Kata (knife))*
  • Fudoshin Tsuin Kata (Twin Knives Kata)*
  • Fudoshin Yawara Bo
  • Fudoshin Kama sho
  • Fudoshin Tonfa Sho
  • Fudoshin Nunchaku Sho
  • Fudoshin Nunchaku Ni
  • Fudoshin Nunchaku San
  • Fudoshin Nunchaku Yon
  • Fudoshin Nunchaku Roku (Twin Nunchaku)*

Professor Bob Lawrence selected 50 Kata from the Martial Arts disciplines taught by the British Fudoshin Association as part of his creation of a single Fudoshin Martial Arts Syllabus.

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