“Pay as you train”

Training Fees – Pay As You Go

Students Training Once a Week

Children – £5 per session

Adults – £10 per session

Students Training Twice a Week

Children – second session £3

Adults – second session £5

Weapons Classes

Children (>12) – if children attend both the Jujitsu class and weapons class there is an additional charge of £2

Adults – if adults attend both the weapons class and jujitsu class there are no additional charges


 ‘Pay as you go’

No membership fees

No joining fees 

No contracts

No grading fees

No monthly charges

No direct debits

If you or your children have to miss a session through work, holiday, illness or other family commitments – you will not be out of pocket!

 A large proportion of our members work night shifts in local Healthcare and other organisations.  They fit their training around their work without being financially penalised.

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