Professor Bob Lawrence Founder of the British Fudoshin Association

Dorchester Fudoshin Jujitsu & Martial Arts was established by Shihan Kevin King in 2003. Having been based at several locations around Dorchester over the years, it now has its home in Dorchester Judo Club.

The club is part of The British Fudoshin Association (BFA) which teaches Fudoshin Bu-jutsu (the art of the warrior), the complete martial system of the Samurai which includes Fudoshin Jujitsu and Kobudo amongst its disciplines.

The BFA was established in 1978 by Professor Bob Lawrence (10th dan) as a rebranding of The Association of Oriental Fighting Arts (AOFA) which he founded in 1968. Professor Bob Lawerence sadly passed away in 2003 and control of the organisation passed to Soke Jim McAlister who also runs the McAlister Academy of Martial Arts in Essex. Shihan Kevin King was a student of Professor Lawerence and the BFA in Gray’s, Essex.

Fudoshin Jujitsu can trace its roots back to the Tenjin Shinyo-ryu in Japan. Professor Lawerence received his initial introduction and training in Jujitsu from Gunji Koizumi (1885-1965) at the Budokwai in London. The name Koizumi will sound familiar to practitioners of Judo as he was the founder of the British Judo Association in 1948.

Koizuma was taught by Tago Nobushige of the Tenjin Shinyo-ryu in the early 1900’s in Japan. Tenjin Shinyo-ryu, meaning “Divine True Willow School”, can be classified as a traditional school (koryū) of jujitsu. It was founded by Iso Mataemon Ryūkansai Minamoto no Masatari in the 1830s. Its alumni also include Jigoro Kano the founder of the modern sport of Judo.

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