Jujitsu Kata

The following Kata feature in the Fudoshin Jujitsu Syllabus.

  • Dachi No Kata
  • Heian Shodan
  • Fudoshin Nage No Kata
  • Fudoshin Garame No Kata
  • Fudoshin Gatame No Kata
  • Fudoshin Renroku Fusigi Atemi Waza Kata

Dachi No Kata (stance kata)

Dachi No Kata (stance kata)

This Kata is found in the Green Belt Jujitsu Syllabus and Karate Syllabus

Heian Shodan Kata

Heian Shodan Kata
British Fudoshin version

Found in the Jujitsu Green Belt Syllabus and Karate Syllabus.

Fudoshin Nage No Kata

Two person kata, one attacking, one defending

  • Downwards strike – kaiten nage
  • Roundhouse punch – Kiki nage
  • Cross strike- Shiho nage
  • Lunging punch High – Defence block same arm teishio nage  (palm under chin) 
  • Lunging punch low – kote gaeshi
  • Front kick groin – block tenshin (green belt defence)
  • Round house kick to head – elbow block, catch , sweep leg (green belt defence)

Fudoshin Garame No Kata

Two man kata in turns

  • Scarf hold
  • Defender knee under hip, flip over into step over arm lock
  • Defender push leg off face, backwards roll into single leg lock
  • Defender push ankles apart, sliding jacket choke
  • Defender, rotate over into single reverse leg lock
  • Defender press up, push back into forward roll, attacker forward roll
  • Both roll back to middle

Fudoshin Renroku Fusigi Atemi Waza Kata

Two person kata, one attacking, one defending

  • Down – scoop, knee, elbow back, knee head
  • Round- block same hand palm, eye strike
  • Cross- wedge block, five elbows
  • high – scoop, tuskemi, duck under, knife hand ribs, knife hand elbow joint, elbow back
  • Low – block, ridge hand nose, reverse punch
  • Kick Groin – cross block, double punch
  • Round house kick – block, kick out standing leg

Fudoshin Gatame No Kata

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