Adult classes

“A great feeling of accomplishment. I have learnt so much from those on the mat”

Nathan Ritson, Orange Belt

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15 years old and above

Monday  20:30 –  22:00

Thursday 20:15 -22:00

Your first session

Your first session is free.  Come along and have a go at something different and a fun way to challenge yourself.  We teach traditional jujitsu evolved for a modern age.  On your first session you will train with friendly and helpful practitioners who were all new starters at some point and will help you learn.  On your first session you will be introduced to the basic principles of Jujitsu and the first striking and self defence techniques.  You will begin to learn to ‘break-fall’, the safe way of landing on the mat.  You will improve your strength, fitness and coordination.  Jujitsu has something to offer everyone whether you reguarly exercise or have never set foot in a gym in your life.

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