Jo-Jutsu Kata

British Fudoshin Association Jo kata

There are 6 kata in the Fudoshin Jo Syllabus:

  • Fudoshin Jo Dachi kata
  • Fudoshin Jo Kata Sho
  • Fudoshin Jo Kata Ni
  • Fudoshin Jo Kata San
  • Fudoshin Jo Kata Yon
  • Fudoshin Jo Kata Go

Fudoshin Jo Dachi Kata (stance kata)

  1. Announce Kata – “Kata Fudoshin Jo Dachi”
  2. Bow
  3. Present with ibuki
  4. Spin under arm and palm guard
  5. Reverse spin, stepping back into kokutsu dachi (right foot forward) overhead guard
  6. Row to middle guard, shifting balance to zenkutsu
  7. Step back on right into zenkutsu, right leg guard
  8. Slide jo through hand into over arm guard, shifting weight to kokutsu
  9. Close
  10. Present, ibuki
  11. Bow

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