Covid19 Information

Please take a look at the measures we have put in place to keep us all safe in this challenging time.

Rules for training

Rules for training
  • Book all sessions in advance using the ‘book now’ button on Facebook, Instagram or on this website. Classes will be restricted to 9 students plus 1 Instructor
  • Do not attend training if you have any of the symptoms of Covid or have been told to self isolate.
  • If you have been deemed as clinically high risk please do not train.
  • Please arrive at training in full gear ready to train, changing rooms will be unavailable.
  • If you arrive early please wait outside until you are asked to enter; to allow the previous class to leave.
  • Spectators are not permitted in the dojo, if you would like to watch please view through the windows.
  • At the end of a session under 18s will be accompanied to the main entrance where they will be collected from outside.
  • Please wear a face mask upon entering the building, masks may be removed when you step on the mat if you wish. Masks will be required for any face to face training (see risk assessment)
  • Sanitise hands upon entry, after handling money or touching doors and prior to leaving. Hand gel will be provided.
  • Please use the NHS Test and Trace app and scan the QR code provided.
  • Students will line up at the beginning and end of the session, as per etiquette, at the mats edge leaving a 1.5m gap between themselves and facing forward. You will be bowed on by your Sensei who will remain 2m away.
  • Students will be allocated a 4 mat space, with a gap of 1 mat between set of 4 mats. Students will be responsible for wiping down this area pre and post training with the wipes provided.
  • Toilets will be available but please follow hand hygiene rules.
  • External doors and windows will remain open to ventilate the building, during winter this may get cold, please wear additional layers under the Gi if necessary.

Club risk assessment

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